Dr. Courtney Hain DDS
Dr. Courtney Hain, DDS
General and Cosmetic Dentistry
Union Square, San Francisco

Beautiful Smiles Through Conservative Dentistry

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.

- Unknown

Your smile says so much to those around you, and our passion is in helping you reach and maintain a smile that's perfect for you! At Smile San Francisco, our mission is to provide high quality, comprehensive care with your comfort as our top priority. We aim to guide every patient to excellent oral health through education, integrity, and compassion.

Whether you're looking for Cosmetic Services, have a Dental Emergency, or just need a routine Cleaning, you can expect to receive top quality treatment that both looks beautiful, and lasts! We look forward to building long, trusting relationships with all of our patients, and can't wait to hear from you!

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Restorative and Cosmetic Services

We’re pleased to offer the following services:


Inlays and Onlays

Bridges & Dentures

Contouring & Bonding

Why Choose Dr. Hain For Cosmetic Dentistry In San Francisco?

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High Quality Aesthetic Outcomes

High quality dental work lasts longer, looks better, and makes it easier to maintain your long-term oral health. Dr. Hain prides herself on providing cosmetic and restorative dental care that is top-notch, to keep your smile healthy and looking great!

She Understands Your Needs

As a busy professional herself, Dr. Hain understands and shares your unique needs. Flexible scheduling, fast yet comprehensive service, high quality outcomes, and your personal comfort are her main areas of focus for all patients.

Patient Education and Treatment Integrity

Dr. Hain is a strong believer in providing conservative dental care, and will put your long-term oral health first. Before you start, she'll help you understand all options and associated trade offs so you can choose what works best for you.

Compassionate & Comfort Focused Care

Long lasting and trusting patient relationships are a critical component of Dr. Hain's practice philosophy. Whether you're in the chair receiving treatment, or discussing treatment options, your physical and psychological comfort come first.

The American Dental Association
The Academy of General Dentistry
Invisalign Provider
University of Southern California Alumni Association

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