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Regular dental cleanings and exams are the cornerstone of your oral health. Great hygiene reduces the risk of all sorts of invasive (and expensive) dental problems. As a USC trained (and practicing) Registered Dental Hygienist before earning my DDS, I have a huge appreciation for the power of preventative care and great oral hygiene.

Whether you're due for your scheduled dental cleaning, or it's been a few years (or more), I'm excited to work with you for your Teeth Cleaning in San Francisco! Give us a call today, and we'll get you setup for the best possible long-term oral health!

What To Expect At A Dental Cleaning Appointment

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It's recommended that you visit your dentist for teeth cleanings and exams twice a year. During your visit to our San Francisco office, you can expect the following:

  1. Exam for cavities and oral cancer screening
  2. Exam for signs of Gum disease.
  3. Comprehensive teeth cleaning.
  4. Consultation on any cosmetic or restorative treatments.

Regular dental cleanings and exams help reduce the risk of many oral health conditions. They also allow us to catch small problems before they become big ones. Dr. Hain may recommend visits more often for cases where it's needed (every 3-4 months). But 6 months is most common for healthy mouths.

1) Dental Caries Exam

Before the San Francisco, CA dental cleaning, a thorough exam is performed to check for cavities (a.k.a. dental caries, or tooth decay). Dental X-rays are taken on average once a year. They help check for decay between the teeth or below the gums where we can't see, and also help to evaluate bone health. Dr. Hain will show you what she finds using X-rays or with an intra-oral camera, so you can be confident in the diagnosis. She'll provide you with treatment options, and help you decide on the best one for your unique needs.

The exam will also look for less common oral health issues, such as tongue or throat cancers.

2) Periodontal Exam

A periodontal exam (a.k.a. perio exam or gum exam) may also be performed, to check your gums for periodontal disease. During the exam, a dental probe is used to check the depth of the pocket between your gum and tooth below the gum-line. Healthy gums have shallower pockets, which prevents plaque from building up under the gums. Using the probe, each tooth is checked to build a complete picture. Based on the exam, Dr Hain may recommend that you do everything from carrying on as you have been, to focusing your brushing and flossing in particular spots, or it may require a deep cleaning (see below).

3) Professional Teeth Cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning in San Francisco involves removing plaque from the surface of the teeth. Special dental instruments allow the dentist or hygenist to get rid of buildup which brushing and flossing leave behind. The bacteria in plaque can accelerate tooth decay, and can contribute to bad breath. It's normal for buildup to occur even with daily care, so it's important to visit regularly to have it removed.

For people with generally healthy gums and teeth, preventative dental cleanings are usually quick and easy. For people who've developed gum disease, a "deep cleaning" also known as "scaling and root planing" may be necessary. We'll check for this during your exam (see above).

During both regular and deep cleanings, plaque buildup is removed from the gum-line, and sides of the teeth. During a deep cleaning, plaque is also removed from below the gum-line all the way to the roots of the teeth. Deep cleaning involves numbing the treated area, and may take more than 1 visit to complete.

4) Additional Consultation

As a San Francisco Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Hain is also ready to assist with any enhancements you might want to make to your smile. Maybe it's a chipped tooth you wan to have fixed, or maybe you're interested in Invisalign to straighten your teeth? From veneers, to implants, to teeth whitening, we're happy to consult with you on any dental adjustments you'd like to make. Dentistry isn't all fillings, cleanings, crowns and preventative treatments - let's discuss what we can do to make you 100% happy with your smile!

How Long Has It Been Since Your Last Teeth Cleaning Appointment?

Before and After Teeth Cleaning

You might be all caught up with your dental appointments, but life in San Francisco CA is busy, and sometimes things slip. Sometimes they slip for years, or even decades - there's no shame in it. We won't judge (trust us when we say we've seen worse in our careers).

It's never too late to make your oral health a priority, and today is the best day to get back on track. We're passionate about helping to develop a sustainable dental health routine that works for you.

Compassionate flexible care is key in our San Francisco practice, and we're experienced in helping people with dental anxiety, scheduling crunches, and other needs. Call or book an appointment online and we'll work with you to make sure the experience is great!

Why Choose Dr. Hain For Teeth Cleaning In Union Square, SF?

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A Trained Hygenist & Dentist In 1

In the short months spent on hygiene in dental school, many dentists don't develop the skills to give great teeth cleanings, or even effectively judge the quality of their hygienists' work. As a USC trained RDH before obtaining her DDS, Dr. Hain spent years honing her skills and knowledge. When you have your teeth cleaned in her practice, rest assured that it will live up to her high standards!

She Understands Your Needs

As a busy San Francisco professional herself, Dr. Hain understands and shares your unique needs. Flexible scheduling, fast yet comprehensive service, high quality outcomes, and your personal comfort are her main areas of focus for all patients.

Patient Education and Treatment Integrity

Dr. Hain is a strong believer in providing conservative dental care, and will put your long-term oral health first. Before you start on any treatment, she'll help you understand all options and associated trade offs so you can choose what works best for you.

Compassionate & Comfort Focused Care

Long lasting and trusting patient relationships are a critical component of Dr. Hain's practice philosophy. Whether you're in the chair receiving treatment, or discussing treatment options, your physical and psychological comfort come first.

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