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Professional teeth whitening is one of the quickest and most effective ways to enhance your smile. I'm pleased to offer 3 different whitening services at my office in San Francisco, so you can choose what works best for you.

Whether you're preparing for a wedding or other big event, or just want to restore your smile to its natural dazzling shade, I'm here to help! Give us a call or book online for a complimentary consultation to get started now, or read more below to see what a difference professional teeth whitening can make!

Teeth Whitening Overview

Girl With Whitened Teeth

Over time, our smile can lose its natural whiteness due to several causes, including:

  • Eating or drinking staining substances (coffee, tea, tobacco)
  • Certain antibiotics or excessive fluoride exposure.
  • Poor dental hygiene, as a result of increased bacteria.
  • Naturally as we age due to reduced enamel and wear

Most patients can be successfully treated to increase tooth whiteness through a safe and effective bleaching process. Professional strength teeth whitening solutions are only available from a dentist, and are significantly more effective than over-the-counter dental products.

We're pleased to offer 3 types of professional teeth whitening to help keep your smile bright:

  • In-Office Treatment
  • At-Home (With Custom Trays)
  • At-Home (Whitening Strips)

In-office treatment is the strongest, fastest, and most effective of the 3, while at-home options are less expensive and require more time.

Who Should Consider Teeth Whitening?

There are 2 types of discoloration that can affect your teeth:

  • Extrinsic (on the outside of the tooth)
  • Intrinsic (under the tooth surface)

Staining and yellowing on the outside of the teeth is the most common type (and the type treated through bleaching). For internal discoloration, there are other options available such as veneers or internal bleaching performed by a specialist.

Before and After Whitening

We're pleased to offer free cosmetic dentistry consultations for all cosmetic dental services (including teeth whitening) in our convenient practice location in the heart of San Francisco's Union Square. If you're unsatisfied with the coloring your teeth and smile we'd love to help you understand and evaluate the different options in person!

Service Comparison

We offer 3 types of bleaching to patients in our San Francisco dental office. The table below highlights some of the key differences between our offerings, and you can read more details about each in the sections below.

Treatment TimeTooth CoverageCost
In-Office WhiteningApprox. 1 HourBest$$$
Custom At-Home Trays15-60 min / day, 5-10 daysBest$$
At-Home Strips15-60 min / day, 5-10 daysGood$

In-Office Treatment

The fastest and most effective teeth whitening treatment we offer is performed by Dr. Hain in our office. We're pleased to offer Opalescence Boost for in-office whitening, which is described in detail in the video.

During your visit, a concentrated bleaching gel will be applied to the teeth. The appointment will last roughly 1 hour, and when we're done your smile can be up to 8 shades whiter!

In-Office Whitening FAQ:

Q: Is In-Office Teeth Whitening Safe?
A: The gel is safe for teeth, but may irritate your cheeks and gums if it were to come into contact. This is one of the main reasons it has to be done by a dental care provider.

Q: Are there any other benefits to In-Office Whitening?
A: Yes! In addition to aesthetic benefits of whiter teeth, the gel we use contains Potassium Nitrate and Fluoride (PF). PF has been shown to strengthen tooth enamel, reduce sensitivity, and reduce risk of cavities.

Q: Will the whitening process hurt?
A: The application process is generally quick and painless. The gel we use is chemically activated, so there are no bright lights to cause discomfort.

Q: Will my teeth be sensitive afterwards?
A: Some sensitivity is possible following your appointment, but the gel we use is specifically designed to prevent tooth dehydration (a cause of dental sensitivity with other whitening products), and contains Potassium Nitrate and Fluoride which can also reduce tooth sensitivity in general.

At-Home Treatments

We offer 2 options for whitening at home, custom trays and prescription strength whitening strips. Both options require multiple applications of a hydrogen peroxide gel over multiple days to see results for your smile.

Custom Whitening Trays

Custom Bleaching Trays

With this option, we'll take an impression of your teeth and use it to create a form-fitting plastic tray. The tray is used to apply a teeth whitening gel similar to (but much less powerful than) the gel we use for in-office whitening.

The trays are reusable, and compared with whitening strips, they can give better results due to their custom fit that allows the gel to cover your teeth surfaces more completely.

Over the course of 5-10 days, you'll apply the gel using the trays and allow it to sit on your teeth for 15-60 minutes.

Prescription Whitening Strips

We're pleased to offer the "Opalescence Go" line of teeth whitening strips and trays for purchase in our office. These products work very similar to the custom whitening trays described above, but use "one size fits all" trays and don't require impressions.

The drawback to their ease of use is that some tooth surfaces may not be covered completely, and uneven whitening can occur.

As with the custom trays, you'll wear these for 15-60 minutes a day for 5-10 days for best results.

At-Home Whitening FAQ:

Q: Is At-Home Tooth Whitener Safe?
A: The at-home whitening gels we provide are generally safe for unsupervised use, but care must be taken to follow product instructions carefully. Damage to your teeth and soft tissue can occur if products are used for too long, or in other ways not specified by the manufacturer.

Q: Are there any oral health benefits to At-Home Whitening?
A: Yes! In addition to aesthetic benefits of whiter teeth, the gel we recommend contains Potassium Nitrate and Fluoride (PF). PF has been shown to strengthen tooth enamel, and reduce both sensitivity and risk of cavities.

Q: Does the At-Home Whitening process hurt?
A: When used according to instructions, there should be no pain. After repeated applications, you may notice increased sensitivity to hot and cold, but this should go away shortly after discontinuing use.

Before and After Bleaching Results

Whether it's done at home or in our office, a brighter smile can be achieved quickly and safely. Here are some fantastic before and after images of patients to help you visualize what's possible. In addition to the aesthetic improvements, the Potassium Nitrate and Fluoride can help improve tooth enamel strength, reduce sensitivity, and lower risk of cavities.

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Why Choose Dr. Hain For Whitening In Union Square?

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She Understands Your Needs

As a busy professional herself, Dr. Hain understands and shares your unique needs. Flexible scheduling, fast yet comprehensive service, high quality outcomes, and your personal comfort are her main areas of focus for all patients.

Patient Education and Treatment Integrity

Dr. Hain is a strong believer in providing conservative dental care, and will put your long-term oral health first. Before you start, she'll help you understand all options and associated trade offs so you can choose what works best for you.

High Quality Aesthetic Outcomes

High quality dental work lasts longer, looks better, and makes it easier to maintain your long-term oral health. Dr. Hain prides herself on providing cosmetic and restorative dental care that is top-notch, to keep your teeth healthy and looking great!

Compassionate & Comfort Focused Care

Long lasting and trusting patient relationships are a critical component of Dr. Hain's practice philosophy. Whether you're in the chair receiving treatment, or discussing treatment options, your physical and psychological comfort come first.

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